Energy is the primary source of generating electricity. Modern civilization as we know depends
entirely on a smooth supply of it. The two primary sources of generating electricity are Renewable
and Non-renewable. Renewable sources are those that will never run out and typically produce less pollution. Solar, wind, water, and biomass energy are prominent examples of this source. On the other hand Non-renewable, sources like Coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear fuels, such as uranium, are limited in supply and incredibly responsible for damaging our atmosphere.

There are currently about eight Nuclear power plants, seven active coal-fired power stations,
and 13097 operational onshore, offshore wind turbines and other renewable sources determining
a sustainable power supply in the United Kingdom and sharing electricity with France and Ireland
in need vice-versa.

Britain is the first major nation to propose cutting down greenhouse gas emissions up to 80% by 2050 and subsequently deactivating Coal-fired power stations one by one.

Wind Turbine

Coal fire Power Station

Coal fire Power Station

Neuclear Power Plant

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