Modern Britain is bonded in many ties of culture and tradition throughout the world. Most of these connections are rooted to its imperial past. Where India was one of the largest colony of the British empire, and deeply intertwined with the political and economic prosperities for hundreds of years.
 In this project, a reflective juxtaposition of past and present have been drawn upon the line of historic reality to depict the fact of "A very British Origin", the South-Asian ethnicity in the United Kingdom.
The project idea is highly influenced by those isolated events that often revive in the shadow of whatsoever political issues and burst into a discriminatory display to degrade the ethnic minorities in the name of Nationalism.
‘A Very British Origin’, is just a speck of a vast ocean of history, which has been presented in a personalised style in the light of historical relevance. All the archival images have been Risographed in blue to commemorate the historic Indigo Revolt in British India.
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